Getting started with merch design

Maybe I spoke too soon last week about things starting to pick up - since those initial 2 sales, it's been crickets over here. It's tough - I've been getting decent engagement (views, likes, etc) but no conversion. I know the t-shirt/merch market is extremely crowded these days, but I do think I have decent …

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Printful vs PrintAura – which t-shirt printing partner to use for Etsy?

Yesterday I walked through the decision to print products on your own vs use a production partner. If you're like me and it was a clear decision to use a partner, the next question is which one to use? I spent a few days researching and testing products. While there are a ton of t-shirt printing …

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To Produce or to Drop-Ship?

Still running on the high of my first orders yesterday! One of the first major decisions I had to make once I decided to start an Etsy t-shirt side-hustle was whether I wanted to own the end-to-end production of my products, or outsource to a production/drop-ship partner. Well TBH it was a pretty easy decision …

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Side Hustle #1: First Orders In!

It's been exactly 1 week since I launched my first products on Etsy, and I finally got my first orders today! 2 orders to be exact. It's finally starting to feel real! I'll admit, it was getting a bit discouraging not seeing any sales come through. I've been consistently adding new products all week, and …

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The different types of side hustles

If you're reading this site, you're probably already sold on the idea of a Side Hustle - I mean, who doesn't want an extra source of income? But the hardest part is knowing where to start. Below I outline the major types of Side Hustles - what the broad categories & economics are. This is …

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Side Hustle #1: Etsy

I launched my first Side Hustle 2 days ago: an Etsy Shop. A little cliche, I know - but I've explored several different potential business options the last few months, and this one seemed to fit my needs best. I'll go through my full option set of potential side hustles and considerations in a future …

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Day 1: Side Hustle Launch

And so it starts. After spending the last several months talking with everyone in my life about wanting to launch a side hustle, I've finally taken the first big step and started my first part-time entrepreneurial venture. But before I get more into that, a little bit more about me - I currently work full-time …

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