Day 1: Side Hustle Launch

And so it starts. After spending the last several months talking with everyone in my life about wanting to launch a side hustle, I’ve finally taken the first big step and started my first part-time entrepreneurial venture.

But before I get more into that, a little bit more about me – I currently work full-time in the e-commerce world for a large US retail company and live in a small New York City apartment with my husband. Last year, when I made the big career jump from working 70+ hours a week as a management consultant (and traveling endlessly on top of that) to my current job, I found myself suddenly with: 1) a lot more free time, and 2) a lot deeper understanding of e-commerce and the many many ways to make money on the interwebs. And thus spawned my growing interest in the concept of a “Side Hustle”.

So what exactly is a “Side Hustle”? I think the term has different meaning depending on who you ask, but to me it means:

  1. Something you can do on top of a full-time job – or for me personally, something that requires anywhere from 1 to 10 hours a week, but no more
  2. Something that can be monetized – an extra source of income (really, who would say no to that?), though not necessarily predictable. Basically a “nice to have” source of extra cash, but not something I need to have to survive on.
  3. Something that is flexible – where you can scale up or down depending on time.

My goal is to launch 2-4 separate income streams collectively earning $1,000+ / month by the end of the year (December 2018).

Sounds nice, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want some extra money with minimal work? But as nice as that sounds, it’s called a “hustle” for a reason. And the biggest challenge I’ve heard from people is knowing where and how to start to build a Side Hustle.

And so, as I start my own part-time entrepreneurial ventures this year, I’ve decided I’ll document everything here. Every decision and how I made it, every success and every failure, helpful resources along the way, and even the numbers and my progress towards my $1,000/month goal. Hopefully this will be a valuable resource to you as you begin your own ventures too!

And no, this blog was not what I was referencing when I mentioned launching my first Side Hustle – but more on that in the next post.


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